Video from Puerto Rico depicts a massive UFO search

We are making available very rare film that was illegally obtained of a UFO that was seen flying over a populated area in Puerto Rico. Have a look at the video that was provided below.

This video was recorded on April 25, 2013, and it was made public nearly exactly one year ago. It depicts an extremely unusual instance of a UFO sighting, which is made even more extraordinary by the fact that the disc-shaped aircraft is flying over a populated area at a quite low height.

Video: Leaked Military Footage of UFO Chase Over Puerto Rico

While on a routine patrol, the pilot of a Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the Aguadilla Coast Guard was roaming the area when he saw a strange red light over the airport.

At first sight, the crew thought that they were dealing with a rogue aircraft violating the airspace, so they decided to pursue the UFO, recording at the same time using the IR camera.

The UFO circled the airport and then continued its flight over a crowded area full of roads and houses.

Flying at a very high speed, it crossed all the way to the ocean where it mysteriously submerged, losing trail.

Before you watch this, make sure you keep an eye out at 01:24 (timer displayed in upper left corner), when another UFO comes out of the ocean, joining formation with the original one, then both objects smoothly descend into the water, seemingly unaffected by the hydrodynamic forces.

There is no doubt about the authenticity of this video, as the helicopter’s crew that recorded all this were not the only witnesses – Aguadilla tower controllers also saw the UFO and tracked it on radar.

The video belonged to the military records and it was released to the public a few months after it was captured, thanks to a brave soul who wanted to increase our awareness of alien encounters such as these.

Local beliefs and events indicate the fact that Puerto Rico’s surroundings is home to an underwater alien base, used either as a shelter or a passage leading to the inner Earth.

This theory is based on the fact that the area consists of deep caves and an underwater cave system which connect, forming a complicated system uniting the surface with the ocean, therefor making transportation through it possible.

Overall, we presume that there are other major UFO and alien files locked up by the government or military in order to maintain silence and hide the truth about their existence.

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