Triangular UFO suspected object in the Russian sky

The triangular flying object slowly flew through the night sky in Russia, making many people believe that this was evidence of aliens.

Video recording of flying objects in Russia was shared on YouTube by UFO Today account in Belgium on December 2, according to Long Room. In the video, an object flies across the night sky, with three streaks of light forming a triangle that continuously flash.

“The object moved at a very slow speed, too slow to be a conventional aircraft. The object’s moving speed was not consistent with any human-made aircraft,” UFO Today commented.

Conspiracy theorists say this could be a black triangle UFO, a type of UFO with a distinctive triangular shape.

“Reports often refer to this type of UFO as large, silent black triangular objects that hover or slowly pass at low speed above cities and highways. Sightings usually occurs at night. The object is described as having streaks of colored lights appearing at each corner of the triangle,” UFO Today said.

“At night, it is difficult to measure the distance and size of an object or light, so it is not easy to judge their speed. Since the object seemed to be flying slower than an airplane, I thought it was a plane. drone with lights. Drones can hover and move very slowly, and make very little noise. I don’t see this video as evidence of aliens visiting us” , explains Nigel Watson, author of UFO Investigations Manual, who specializes in explaining UFO sightings.

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