The UFO sped into the water to escape the military plane, shocking the fishermen as it did so


This is probably the best and most interesting UFO sighting ever . that has ever been captured on camera. Probably because the fisherman and his crew were in the right place at the right time.

Filmed by Spanish fishermen , the video was first posted on the internet some 10 years ago. In the video released, a UFO escaped from a military plane that crashed into the sea.

This UFO encounter sparked a mythical status around a government cover-up. This time it is not the United States, but the Spanish government.


In fact, the Spanish air force is also involved and, as we have seen, they are mercilessly chasing this mysterious object. Until the object really got tired of playing and fell right into the sea, right in front of the fishermen.

A Galician fisherman has decided to make public what he claims to be living on his boat.

A helicopter of unknown origin hovered over the vessel and ordered the fishermen to hurry from where they were as military planes chased a “foreign object” that had fallen into the sea and made a spectacular dive.

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