Ancient aliens who fled our planet around 20,000 years ago are our forebears

The number of reported cases of human abductions or contact with aliens has increased along with the UFO phenomenon’s popularity in recent years. Even though most of these cases are believed to be fabrications, there are a few that have been researched and are thought to be real. People who have communicated with these aliens believe they have shown them numerous projections and holograms that carry crucial information about the Earth.

Some of them even claim that these aliens were our ancestors who departed Earth and evolved in other parts of the universe millions of years ago.

We still have a lot to learn about technologies like teleportation and time travel because we lack the capacity to comprehend them.

We must look within ourselves for solutions if we are to find solutions to some of life’s most fundamental issues. Our DNA may be a good place to start, considering only 10% of human DNA serves a functional purpose. We continue to be in the dark about the other 90%. What do you think about this theory? Do you believe it is possible?

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