With the permanent tattoo of the word THONG on her butt, Katie Price shows her her wildest tattoo to date

Katie Price has not long landed back in the UK after her lengthy trip to Thailand with her younger children Jett and Bunny.

During the trip to the Far East, 44-year-old Katie has been turning heads as she showcased her HH cup size breasts after her biggest boob job yet as well as flashing the new tattoos she’s been adding to her collection.

Just before touching down in the UK, Katie was snapped striking a pose in Thailand and showing off her latest huge tattoo.

The inking, this time, is placed on Katie’s bottom and is of a lacey thong.

Katie’s permanent lingerie is largely black and white but has a number of pink bows on the waistband of the knickers and is largely similar to the garter inking she has on her thigh already.

Former glamour model Katie is clearly pleased with the giant new etching on her skin as she posed confidently by a pool to show it off.

It’s understood Katie, who is ‘obsessed with underwear’, got the huge thong tattoo to make her feel ‘sexy’ – even when naked.

In a string of snaps taken before Katie fetched her flight home, the former Page 3 model wore a black floral patterned strappy bikini and a gold sarong as she posed for the camera.

She had her brunette locks styled in a straight down do and sported makeup including a nude lipstick.

The thong tattoo isn’t the only new inking she’s been spotted with while out in Thailand.

Katie recently had a huge new tattoo on her knee, which consists of a patterned diamond surrounded by a frame.

She was also photographed with a new inking of a key on her ribs on the trip.

Meanwhile, shortly after landing in Thailand, Katie was photographed getting yet another tattoo from her stomach going down towards her nether region.

The star has an extensive collection of tattoos now. Before her holiday, the bankrupt TV personality also had a tattoo of her daughter Princess done – and revealed she will be getting ink tributes to all her children.

Speaking of her body art, Katie told the Mirror: “The reason I started with Princess is she’s got the long curly hair, so hers is the most painful and takes the longest. It’s not because there’s any favouritism!

“Princess loves it. She was like, ‘I’m your favourite!’ I was like, ‘No, I love you all the same’.”

As well as more tattoos, the star hasn’t ruled out getting more surgery, too – but her kids aren’t quite so keen on her enhancements.

Katie, who had her first breast augmentation at 18-years-old, revealed her children have suggested she looks better natural and have been put off by surgery themselves in a recent chat with OK! magazine.

She revealed: “I think what the kids have seen me go through is a put-off for anyone.

“They’re like, ‘Mum, why do you do this to yourself?’

“They say I look good, but they do also ask, ‘Why did you ever do anything to your face? You looked so good natural.’

“But I don’t think I looked good natural. I look back at pictures and I think I look better now.”

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