When Love and Basketball Collide: The Viral Celtics-Raptors Proposal That Had Everyone Talking

Man goes viral after his VERY public proposal at Celtics-Raptors NBA game goes badly wrong… but is there more to the embarrassing moment than meets the eye?

A Massachusetts YouTuber has gone viral after his courtside NBA proposal went badly wrong… but all is not as it seems.

Joshua Lopes – who goes by the online name Cheeseaholic – hit the headlines this week after taking his girlfriend to the Celtics-Raptors game, before getting down on one knee.

In response, she looks baffled before turning down the proposal, much to the shock of the watching crowd – and the Raptors substitutes directly behind them.

But it has since been revealed that the clip was not, in fact, a genuine proposal, and was instead all part of an elaborate YouTube prank set up in advance.

In a separate video posted to his YouTube channel, which has since garnered 32,000 views, Lopes explains that he has bought three courtside tickets for $500 each in a bid to prank TD Garden.

YouTuber Cheeseaholic (right) proposed to his girlfriend at the Boston Celtics game last week
He got down on one knee, only for his shocked girlfriend Stephanie to say no to the offer
But it wasn't all it appeared to be, with the proposal later explained to be a prank

He explains that he previously pranked his school friends by faking a prom proposal, and this was his bid to take it up another level.

In the clip of him proposing to his girlfriend – who was also in on the joke – Lopes can be seen geeing up the crowd before dropping down to one knee.

Most of the players are too locked into the game to notice, but Dalano Banton does turn round to see what all the commotion is about.

In the game itself, the Celtics ran out 121-102 winners over Toronto, with Sam Hauser top-scoring with 26 points.

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