What Makes Las Vegas Unique?

No matter if you are the type that likes to gamble, enjoys partying, or if you just like to sight-see and learn about new parts of the country, Las Vegas is an opportunity that is not to be missed. There’s so much to see and do that it makes the perfect trip for a weekend or even a whole week. Experience the combination ofnaturaland man-made wonders with some of these examples of things that you won’t find anywhere else by Las Vegas,Nevada.

What Makes Las Vegas Unique?

1. The center of epic geography

The center of epic geography

Vegas is the perfect hub of modern comforts to plot your next adventures to visit the infamous natural landmarks in America. You can get to the Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon within a short driving distance. There are plenty more lesser-known areas, native reservations, and parks where you can experience the beautiful blend of history and Mother Nature together.

2. Learn more at museums and galleries

Learn more at museums and galleries
Flickr/Panegyrics of Granovetter

Overshadowed by the glitz and glamor is a wide variety of museums and art galleries that more distinguished gentlemen can retreat to after a night of sin; to balance out the yin and yang, as some would say. You have museums on the Atomic Bomb, the Mob, neon lights, and of course, a history of erotica.

3. It’s show time!

It’s show time!

If you don’t gamble away your vacation budget, you can spend all your time in Vegas and watch all the world-renowned entertainment acts along the Strip, everything from Penn and Teller’s magic, Vegas showgirls and the high-flying acts of Cirque du Soleil. These shows will sell out very fast, so look for these tickets in-advanced.

4. Fit for a king

Fit for a king

Your stay in Vegas can often be just as impressive as the lights and festivities within it. Las Vegas hotels are like no other, with all the major chains modeling their hotel after some famous landmark or object. It’s like an adult living out a childhood fantasy, with the rooms posh and extravagant as you would expect, with the price for admission being as much as the cost as half of a mortgage payment. There are cheap hotels too that will provide you with the same charm as the big guys, only with fewer amenities.

5. The city literally never sleeps

The city literally never sleeps

Vegas is ideal for party-goers; there is entertainment in every inch along the Strip. Inside the casinos, there are constant ongoing performers, comedians, artists, and just people that are having a blast at all hours of the day. If you go to Vegas, you won’t be bored unless you’re actually just a re-animated zombie, but even then, that’s hard to believe (that you wouldn’t have any fun).

6. Shop ‘till you drop

Shop ‘till you drop

Las Vegas has all the hottest stores and malls just outside the Strip, and even some are located within hotel premises. You will find all the biggest store names, luxury brands, outlets, and expos where you can find unique items to take back home with you that are uniquely Vegas.

7. You can be romantic

You can be romantic

It doesn’t have to be all party and fast-paced action while in Las Vegas; you can find ways to chill with your loved one, too. Besides the trips to the Grand Canyon and such, there’s also the famous gondola ride at The Venetian, which provides the closest experience you’ll get to the real thing in Venice.

8. Feast your eyes on this!

Feast your eyes on this!

Foodies around the globe know where to find some of the best hidden gems in America. They’re hiding right under the lights and behind the slot machines in Las Vegas. You have everything from foot-long hotdogs and high-class restaurants that serve the best seafood to popular diners and dives that serve authentic American cuisine staples like homemade burgers and shakes from scratch.

9. Hit the streets

Hit the streets

Take a walk down Fremont Street to experience and blow your mind with the old and new coming together in a freakshow of epic proportions. You’ll find plenty of interesting people, obscure shops, and artists who congregate there to be sampled and awed. It’s definitely a departure from your usual vacation tourist spot.

10. Party like a rock star

Party like a rock star
Flickr/The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

What would a Las Vegas vacation be without attending at least one live concert event? Why not take it to the next level and join the Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp? This special rock seminar allows you to join members who have performed and been a part of everyone’s favorite legendary bands and see what it’s like to record an album, shoot a video, and live like a rock star for a day. You get a sweet customized souvenir to take with you that really solidifies your Vegas trip. That’s how you create memories!

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