Tiny tattoos: Advice and +30 ideas for your first ink

Are you getting your first tattoo? But are you having doubts about which one to do, or don’t know which one you’re going to do? In this post you will see the main inspirations that I have separated so that you do not make a mistake in choosing your first tattoo.

Tattooing is addictive. It’s hard to stick with just the first one, everyone who gets their first tattoo always wants to do more. But it’s always good to start slowly, with a small tattoo. After all, we are talking about something that will be forever marked on your skin. A small tattoo is easier to get used to because they are less conspicuous on your body. If you like it, then you can make a bigger one with bolder designs. Remember to choose a tattoo that you really like, so you don’t have problems in the future.

Tattoos are becoming more and more common among men and women, even having a certain fashionista and modern appeal. And if you haven’t taken the risk yet, and want to make one, see below for some tips on how to get started.

words and phrases

How about starting with a tattoo of words and phrases? They are very discreet and depending on the word or phrase it can have an important meaning for you.


A trend on Pinterest, which became very famous. With a minimalist touch and fine lines, perfect for men and women who like small tattoos.


Since we talked about minimalism above, in geometric tattoos. It also becomes a perfect choice, as they are discreet, modern, small designs with fine lines. In general, what defines these tattoos are the simplistic fact of each one.


Flower designs are also quite successful. With a more nature footprint, which are easy to combine with future tattoos.

See below for inspirations of small tattoos

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Remember to choose your tattoo that suits you and that you really like, making a good choice in the future you will not have problems with choosing your tattoo. Hey there, did you like the tips and inspirations? Leave your comment. Until the next post.

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