The World’s 6 Most Spectacular Roads


Imagine being caught in traffic or a boring commute for long. Driving around familiar everyday places can feel like an exhausting routine. How about experiencing amazingly beautiful roads featuring stunning vistas that keep you going? How about witnessing roads that make driving through them pleasurable? Technology, innovation and globalization have made it possible to drive on awesome roads and terrains. Here are 12 of the most stunning roads that will make your journey not just pleasant but exciting.

1. Route 163, United States of America

Apart from the more famous cross country Route 66, this is probably one the nation’s most well-recognized route. Films like Easy Rider and Stagecoach have been filmed here. Snaking through the wilderness of Utah and Arizona, the route passes through iconic monuments and the famous red rock desert. Take the beauty of the road as you discover the immense beauty of the monumental United Sates of America

2Tiananmen Mountain Road, China


Spanning across 6 miles, this relatively short yet pleasant route covers 1,100 fantastic meters leading up to the Tiananmen cave, which is nothing but a natural stone arch that rises over the planet. It is befittingly known as the “gate to heaven.” Don’t be mistaken into believing that this pleasant route is also easy to drive through. With 99 narrow bends, it is one of the planet’s most dangerous and challenging driving routes. Certainly not for amateur drivers!

3The Atlantic Road, Norway

imagePhoto By: Per Kvalvik

Connecting several small village communities via an island archipelago in the North Sea, this route stretches through regions that are subjected to harsh storms. The ocean’s edge offers nothing short of dramatically beautiful views that balance the composed, sun soaked waters and storm foam. Oh, and the magnificent route also features the iconic Storseisundet Bridge. Witness the Norwegian landscape like never before on this thrilling and picturesque route.

4Highway One, United States


Spanning the Californian coastline, Highway One is probably the prettiest any road can ever get over to the wild coastline, seaside cliffs and mammoth redwood trees. Then there is the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge. While Monterey is the most picturesque region, the route also covers some parts of Los Angeles and Mendocino. It’s time to get your wheels in motion for enjoying Cali’s lovely weather and pleasant sights on this iconic route.

5Route 1, Iceland


The island country is sparsely populated and features a staggering array of picturesque routes. Route 1 is the probably the most fantastic scenery offering in Iceland, where visitors can enjoy sightings of several natural wonders in the world, including glaciers, mountains and volcanoes. The ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ as its referred to features this beautiful ring route that leads from Reykjavik and traverses several wild plains, countryside villages and fishing communities. Expect to spot wild ponies along the route.

6Blue Ridge Parkway, United States


This is the most famous attraction of the National Park Service, with the route being exceptionally sought after by visitors. Since the road covers North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains via a cave-filled mountain region that spans 469 miles, it offers beautiful views of the mountains and the parks around the route. The climb is steep, and isn’t meant for causal or faint hearted drivers. Ensure you are suitably equipped and follow all safety precautions to avoid any unfortunate events.

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