The Inspirational Tale of Britain’s Most Tattooed Woman Surviving Criticism and Rejection in Bars

Becky Holt, known as Britain’s most tattooed woman, has faced judgment and rejection due to her heavily inked appearance. She has been turned away from bars and establishments over the years, with many mistaking her facial tattoos for gang symbols.

The 35-year-old, from Cheshire, told Fabulous: “I have found that I’m rejected for places. Usually places abroad. I was in Turkey recently and my friend and I walked to a bar.

“We both have face tattoos and the place was empty but he said it was full and we couldn’t come in.

“I’ve been to Texas and New York and rejected in places too. They think it’s gang related but it’s not very often that happens.”

Becky Holt

Cheshire-based mum Becky Holt is used to being judged over her bold body art (Image: becky_holt_bolt/Instagram)

While it’s uncommon for people to react badly to Becky’s tattoos to her face, many do it online.

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The mum-of-one has sadly grown used to keyboard warriors sending her negative comments on social media.

In a recent TV interview, the 35-year-old told GB News: “My family and friends love my tattoos – they’re all really proud of me and think they’re amazing.

“I get quite a lot of backlash online. My followers think they’re unreal but I get trolling.

“People tell me I’ve gone too far but it’s my body. It’s my life – I’ve made these choices.

“It doesn’t bother me that you don’t have tattoos, so why does it bother you that I do?”

Becky Holt

The tattoo model says she’s been mistaken for a “gang member” in the past (Image: becky_holt_bolt/Instagram)

Becky, who first got inked aged 15, has since covered around 95% of her body in tattoos.

She has spent around £35,000 on her body art, which includes geometric designs across her chest and portraits on her arms.


Her favourite piece is a David Bowie lyric on her forehead and she also boasts colourful tatts all across her legs.

The influencer believes some are “intimidated” by her – but urges these people not to judge a book by its cover.

She added: “There’s more to me than my tattoos.”

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