The catastrophic event that occurs when rats pursue the snake that hunts mice.

The melon-striped snake (also known as dragon snake, cobra …) is a species of snake in the family of water snakes, distributed from India, Bangladesh to Southeast Asia, including Vietnam.

This snake is terrestrial and can grow up to 2m in length. This is a snake that specializes in catching mice to eat meat, so it is a useful snake for farmers.

However, it is not always possible for the melon snake to easily grab the mouse to eat, but sometimes they will encounter strong resistance from the prey itself, such as in the clip below.

Bi hài khoảnh khắc loài rắn chuyên săn chuột lại bị… chuột truy đuổi | Báo Dân trí

The clip was recorded in Vietnam and shared on social networks, showing the moment a striped snake is trying to run away when attacked by its own prey. The rat shows aggression when constantly chasing the attack, not allowing the snake to escape.

The clip has “caused a fever” and surprised many netizens, especially when the striped snake is famous for its ability to hunt mice.

“If you are a master, you sometimes encounter a stronger player than yourself. In the end, you don’t know who is the hunter and who is the prey,” a humorous netizen commented after watching the clip.

Bi hài khoảnh khắc loài rắn chuyên săn chuột lại bị… chuột truy đuổi | Báo Dân trí

The melon snake is a non-venomous snake that is not dangerous to humans and is easy to identify (from the eyes there are three small black lines, two running diagonally down to the upper edge, and one through the temples, there are four lines. the black line runs from the nape of the neck down to more than half the body, the two large middle lines run continuously, the two side lines are smaller and broken). When we encounter snakes with melons, we should not kill them, but we can ignore them to do the task of hunting mice, helping farmers.

Although not venomous, the striped snake is a fierce snake, ready to strike first when it feels threatened. When in danger or threatened, the striped snake will raise a third of its body forward off the ground, its mouth wide open and try to enlarge the skin of its neck… and ready to launch pecks.

However, in the event that the threat is unsuccessful and the enemy cannot be stopped, the snake will have an ingenious “play” of fake death. At this point, the striped snakes will lie on their backs motionless as if dead. No matter what the outside influences, the striped snake will still lie on its back quietly without reacting.

Many predators do not usually eat dead animals, so the snake’s death screens can help it escape dangerous predators.

After lying motionless for a while, when it feels the threat has passed, the snake will turn over and quickly run away from the predator.

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