Struggles Continue for Golden State Warriors’ Bench Ahead of NBA Playoffs

The Golden State Warriors are still fighting to secure a spot in the 2023 NBA playoffs. The Dubs have been going through ups and downs all season long and now could finish the season as a play-in tournament team.

Ahead of the postseason, the team is reportedly worried about their bench\’s lack of chemistry, which can hurt them in the postseason.

“That has been a problem for them all season, really, and they’re worried about it,” a Western Conference executive told Sean Deveney of Heavy. “The players are worried about it, the coaches are worried about it, the front office was. That was why they went and got (Gary) Payton (at the trade deadline). They have talent on the bench when you have (Donte) DiVincenzo and Jordan Poole, (Jonathan) Kuminga and JaMychal Green, plus Payton. But what they don’t have is chemistry and they don’t have their roles set up. That was so important last year, they had Otto Porter and (Nemanja) Bjelica, and they had Poole and Payton. They knew what they’d get with each of those guys and they could throw out Moses Moody or Kuminga if they needed. Now you have guys and you just don’t know what they’re going to give you. That is what they are worried about most there.”

Contrary to what happened last season, the Dubs\’ bench isn\’t that strong. They had defined roles last campaign, which is why they were successful. In the end, they won the 2022 NBA championships, but right now, that seems like a long shot for the Dubs.

The Warriors have been very disappointing this campaign, although they are on the way to the postseason right now. When the playoffs start, they will need to get it together to win their series, as their away record has been horrible this campaign (9-30).

Andrew Wiggins Is Returning To Golden State Warriors After Regular Season Ends

They have received good news recently, as Andrew Wiggins is making his comeback soon. After an extended absence due to his father\’s disease, the Canadian player is getting ready to return to the court, but not before the playoffs.

The Dubs are confident they can still make a good run in the playoffs, but right now, it doesn\’t seem like they will defend their championship. Time will tell how this season plays out for the Warriors, but not a lot of people think they can achieve what they did last year. Source :

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