Some tennis fans have criticized Chris Evert for her overreaction to Maria Sharapova’s doping scandal.

Several tennis fans have criticized Chris Evert for the stark difference in her response to Maria Sharapova’s doping scandal in 2016 and her recent stance on Simona Halep’s second doping violation.

On Friday, May 19, the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) charged Halep with a second doping offense “relating to irregularities in her athlete biological passport,” adding to her charge from last year. The Romanian has been provisionally suspended since October 2022, having tested positive for the banned substance Roxadustat at the US Open.


When asked for her opinion on the matter by a fan on social media, Evert expressed her support for Halep and cast doubt over the two-time Slam champion intentionally using performance-enhancing drugs.

“It’s very hard for me to believe Simona would intentionally use PED’s….,” Evert tweeted.


However, the former World No. 1 had a notably different reaction to Maria Sharapova testing positive for meldonium back in 2016.

“She sent some mixed signals when she said you know I’ve taken it my whole life since I’ve been you know 16 years old the doctor because I have you know diabetes in my family. Well what about Sugarpova, I mean she’s endorsing candy that’s kind of a little conflict of interest,” Evert said while speaking on ‘The Forward Podcast with Lance Armstrong.’

Several tennis fans criticized Evert for the apparent hypocrisy in her reaction to Halep’s doping scandal and Sharapova’s.


“Let’s at least be consistent, chrissie. You were more than happy to go on air and podcasts calling Maria a liar. Mind you, meldonium was never even proven as a true PED, even after all these years. Yet this is so unbelievable to you?,” one fan commented.

Funny how u went all in against sharapova when she admitted her mistake. But defending simona here who got caught lying about her biological passport. Slow claps. But u do you. Expose your hypocrisy,” one user tweeted.

Many fans also claimed that while Halep is being given the benefit of the doubt right now, the same courtesy was not extended to Sharapova.

“Lol, people like Simona. Thus, she gets the benefit of the doubt. Sharapova? ripped to shreds from the get go largely b/c she was never out to win a popularity contest,” another fan chimed in.


This is what pisses me off about the difference between Pova v. Simona’s drug bans. Masha did not get the benefit of the doubt even when the details were hazy,” another fan tweeted.

Here are some more fan reactions to Chris Evert’s tweet:

@ChrissieEvert Not saying she’s guilty, but, do we really know anyone? Anyway, I thought the #Wimbledon win was especially dominant, completely out of character for that surface, recall being shocked how well she played (and not because I’m a fan of Serena’s..

You’ve never been one to exercise fair judgement across the board so I’m not surprised by this.

It’s very hard for me to believe Simona would intentionally use PED’s…

What exactly do you want us to say to this? And if you think she wouldn’t intentionally use, that means there are players that you think the opposite. So who are they, Christine? Say their names or keep it on the playground.

still find this take from her hilarious, all things considered.

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