Randi, the mother of Patrick Mahomes, writes a heartfelt message for her deceased mother and remembers her on Easter Sunday

Moments of celebrations serve as reminders of loved ones! The recent Easter day family gathering brought forth a similar emotion from Patrick Mahomes’ mom Randi, remembering her own mother, Debbie Bates. In a heart-on-the-sleeve Easter message, Mahomes’ mom Randi scored a touchdown with her tribute to the deep impact Debbie had on instilling those values.

Just hours ago, Randi went deep with an emotional throwback photo on Instagram – a snapshot of her as a young kid, huddled up with the family team as her beloved mom Debbie cradled a couple of 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren. The caption was a gut-punch of love and longing: “Easter with my momma. She is forever missed. Love you always.”


Those powerful words encapsulate the Mahomes family’s grief after Patrick’s grandma Debbie passed away on April 5th, 2023, leaving a void that no amount of special moments can fill. Debbie was more than just a doting grandma; she was the driving force that instilled fire and humility in the Mahomes, as the QB has proudly revealed often.

For Randi, Debbie’s legacy stretched way beyond the hash marks. “She loved her family, and we all loved her,” Angie Savoy from the Mahomes family said while remembering the loving person Debbie was. All instances lead back to how it is not rare to see the Mahomes family showing their adoration and support to each other, amidst being there in the tough moments of life.


Amidst these thoughts, as the Mahomes clan gathered for their Easter showdown, the celebration was a bittersweet affair – a moment to pause and honor the gap left by Debbie’s absence, yet a cherished opportunity to celebrate her legacy of familyhood.

How the Mahomes crew tackles life’s championships!

While securing that iconic Lombardi Trophy is the ultimate W for NFL ballers, the Mahomes crew has been running a clinic off the field on how to go beast mode in life’s biggest games. With the regular season on pause, Patrick and his squad have been racking up priceless moments that give fans all the feel-good vibes they crave from their sports heroes.

Topping the highlight reel was the Mahomes’ family reunion over Easter weekend. The QB’s mother posted a photo on Instagram expressing her gratitude to God and happiness. Randi’s picture on IG is captioned, “Priceless time with my family. ️God is so Great #blessed #missyoumomma #2024 #Easter.” It shows Randi Mahomes in the frame with her father, Patrick, and Jackson Mahomes, along with their sister Mia Randall.


Mahomes brothers are smiling as Patrick holds Sterling and Jackson holds Bronze Mahomes in his arms. These candid moments let fans peek behind the curtains to see their idols and their legacy. Then Patrick was seen channeling his inner Chris Pratt vibes as he tried rocking the cradle with a monster catfish haul, which was preceded by the fam hitting up the Disney theme park like a bunch of wide-eyed rookies after the Chiefs’ championship run. Nonetheless, the offseason has been a blur of spontaneous adventures.

Each unscripted snap has been an all-access pass into the Mahomes’ playbook for keeping their bond tighter than an O-line. From honoring beloved matriarch Debbie, whose lessons shaped the values Mahomes brought onto the field, to living it up with the Emmy-winning Bluey’s Big Play crew – these are the real wins that have been scoring touchdowns in the fans’ heartbooks.


So as the NFL’s warriors trade the gridiron glare for some backyard bliss this summer, the Mahomes family has been scripting a whole new bestseller on what it means to be an MVP-caliber champion at life’s biggest games. Now that’s the type of instant classic highlight reel that every fan can rally behind

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