Netizens couldn’t believe these twins were born from a petite mother

A new mother described the unusual response she received after posting a video of herself cradling her twin daughters online. Alexis LaRue, 22 years old, went viral after posing with her seven-month-old twins; viewers were awestruck by their size.

Alexis, from Minneapolis–Saint Paul in Minnesota, USA, weighed 49 kilograms and was 5-foot-3-inch-tall before she got pregnant. At 38 weeks of her pregnancy, Alexis’ weight increased to 82 kilograms.

Cặp sinh đôi khổng lồ đáng yêu: 7 tháng đã mặc đồ của trẻ 18 tháng

In March, Alexis welcomed her twins, Camila and Elena, who weighed a pretty small 6lb 7oz at birth. Now, they are seven months old, and already weigh a staggering 21 lbs each. Within seven months, the twins have tripled their birth weight. Now, at nearly seven months old, the cute tots have already tripled their birth weight at almost 21lbs each.

Alexis stated, “They appear to really appreciate trying new foods. They always look at me as if they expect me to share my food whenever I am consuming. Alexis was thrilled to discover she was pregnant with her 23-year-old fiance Leo Mejia when she was 21 years old.

“Becoming a mother was my sole ambition in life, so I was ecstatic when it came true,” she continued. When I had my first ultrasound at six weeks expectant, two small sacs were visible on the screen.

Due to the absence of twins in our families, I was both astonished and ecstatic.

The stay-at-home mother added, “In the twin community, infants weighing 5 pounds or less are fairly typical. “It’s funny because when I uploaded that video, I didn’t give it much thought. I didn’t realise how big my children were until I began reading the comments.”

“Those are eight-year-olds” and “if they stood on top of each other, they’d be taller than you” are comments made by astonished observers. Alexis has also been accused of manipulating her films or employing a filter to make the females appear larger, which she denies.

She stated, “I can see that the perspective of some of the films significantly exaggerates the size of the characters.”

“Recently, I uploaded a video of me weighing and measuring the babies so that people could get an indication of their actual size.

“I am also frequently accused of overfeeding them, despite the fact that it is extremely difficult to overfeed an infant.

“They’re both in the upper percentiles for weight and height,” Alexis explained. Due to their rapid growth, I find myself purchasing new clothing for them on a regular basis.

Camila and Elena are simultaneously accomplishing all of their objectives and becoming the most popular twins on the video-sharing app. Alexis stated, “If there is one thing I want everyone to remember, it is that all infants are unique. They all grow at varied rates, but mine is growing particularly quickly.

Cặp sinh đôi khổng lồ đáng yêu: 7 tháng đã mặc đồ của trẻ 18 tháng

They are very robust, joyful, and full of character. Never forget to be kind.”

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