Munro’s all-electric “Pick-Up” is his second off-road vehicle.

Built to be hardier than the hardiest of hardy Scots. Think William Wallace if he was a slab-sided EV

Munro Vehicles has launched its second all-electric 4×4. The Mk_1 Pick-Up joins the Munro Mk_1 Truck in Scotland’s most underscored 4×4 lineup. The basic naming convention speaks to the general Munro approach: clean and simple.

The Munro Mk_1 Pick-up has a 1,050kg euro pallet payload as standard. There will be two powertrain options, a 295bhp entry-level offering and a 369bhp/516lb ft top spec version to haul the 2.5 tonne kerb weight.

There’s three different trims: Utility, Range and Performance. That yellow one (pictured) is the latter and can tow a maximum braked capacity of 3,500kg, sending agricultural types all a quiver.

The 82.4kWh battery is good for 190 miles of range and is capable of accepting a 100kW DC charge. That cuts the 15 to 80 per cent charge time to only 36 minutes. Obviously, the Mk-1 Pick-Up’s not for munching motorway miles. We’re told the battery is good for up to 16 hours of off-roading.

The premise of the Mk_1 Pick-Up is an electric-powered, four-wheel-drive, rugged workhorse. And the order books speak for themselves.

Aimed squarely at commercial enterprises – particularly in the agriculture, construction and defence sectors – it sets out to help companies meet their carbon emissions targets without blowing their budgets.

Priced at £49,999 excluding VAT, there’s an 18-month wait for both the Mk_1 Pick-Up and the Mk_1 Truck, which launched at the tail end of 2022.

The firm is currently hurrying the hunt for larger production premises. Munro Vehicles is Scotland’s only volume production vehicle company. In fact, it brought automotive manufacturing back to Scotland after more than 40 years.

Funnily enough, Munro doesn’t want to sell you a new car every three years either. With a focus on easy low-cost maintenance and simple repairability, they’re engineered for 50 years of service, ready for all terrain, in all weathers. Wish we were built quite that well.

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