Mansory Carbonado EVO: The Evolution of Supercars

One possible rephrased sentence could be: The MANSORY Carbonado EVO is a Lamborghini Aventador coated in black carbon fiber with a stealth appearance resembling a black diamond.

This supersport boasts an imprint of the MANSORY spirit. The best proof of this is the completely re-designed carbon fibre bodywork, in a world-exclusive stealth look. Carbonado Evo is an extravagantly-dressed coupé that launches the original Lamborghini Aventador on a journey to the shiny stars of the dark and unexplored universe.

The MANSORY interior programme

Interior opened to exclusivity: MANSORY places a crown on the CARBONADO and takes the roof off. Highlights of the interior include the dashboard made of carbon fibre and extraordinarily soft seats with top notch leather.

The MANSORY wheel collection

In order to deliver the power of this completely reworked twelve-cylinder engine onto the asphalt, MANSORY only trusts forged alloy wheels size 9X20 and 13X21 inch and Pirelli P ZERO tyres size 255/30ZR20 front and 355/25ZR21 rear.

The MANSORY performance programme

EVO significantly exceeds the performance levels of the standard Aventador. In fact, we have completely rebuilt the V-type engine with its 6.5 litre capacity. Brace yourselves for an increase of power from 700 bhp to an incredible peak of 1,250 bhp and only 2.6 seconds to sprint from zero to 100 km/h.

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