Learn about the tattoos of the most famous homosexual supermodels worldwide.

Cara Delevingne is known for her rebellious style. She has a hobby of tattooing, although officially retired, Cara’s name is still very noticeable, especially young people are always watching her new tattoos.Cara has a rich “history” of tattooing. The girl with the first tattoo is quite gentle with an index finger. Then over time, she tattooed on her hands, arms, back of the neck, soles of her feet and then all over her upper body including her chest and arms.It seems that Cara is “addicted” to tattooing?!

Siêu mẫu đồng tính Cara Delevingne mê xăm trổ khắp người - 1

The first tattoo on Cara’s right index finger.

At the Met Gala, the model showed off tattoos on a large area of her body.

Sexy jumpsuit helps the gay model show off all her tattoos.

Siêu mẫu đồng tính Cara Delevingne mê xăm trổ khắp người - 4

She has tattoos covering both her shoulders and arms.

Siêu mẫu đồng tính Cara Delevingne mê xăm trổ khắp người - 5

Cara’s tattoo on the back of her neck first appeared at her sister’s wedding

Siêu mẫu đồng tính Cara Delevingne mê xăm trổ khắp người - 6

A tattoo of letters on his right hand. She also has a tattoo tucked in between her fingers.

Siêu mẫu đồng tính Cara Delevingne mê xăm trổ khắp người - 7

Tattoo on the soles of the feet: Bacon means bacon.

Siêu mẫu đồng tính Cara Delevingne mê xăm trổ khắp người - 8

Cara completes both soles with a line of tattoos: Made in England.



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