Is this a contemporary take on Cinderella’s carriage?

It appears Cinderella likes to travel in style when going to the ball, after a modern-day version of Cinderella’s carriage was captured on video.

Everyone knows the classic fairytale of Cinderella.

Well, it appears Cinders was granted her wish and got chauffeured to the ball in style.

A modern-day version of Cinderella’s carriage has been spotted on the open road – and it was all captured on video.

We’ll let you into a little secret; it’s not actually Cinderella’s carriage, but it would certainly pᴀss for it.

The video posted by mxpimp47 to Instagram shows the seven-feet-long limo gracefully driving along the highway.

It boasts tall, curvy doors that are encrusted with ornate decorations and tᴀsseled curtains draped inside the cabin.

It even has a pair of golden coach lamps attached to the back of the carriage.

Intrigued by what we saw in the video, we decided to do some digging online to find out a bit more about the unique limo.

Apparently, it’s owned by a rental company in Kyiv, Ukraine and is hired out for weddings, theater performances, and even “outdoor kid’s parties”.

We stumbled across another video on YouTube, which shows off Cinderella’s carriage in all its glory.

It appears to have undergone somewhat of a makeover, though, as the doors were previously encrusted with gold.

The cushions inside of the cabin are supposedly handmade of white leather encrusted with Swarovski gems.

And, of course Cinderella’s carriage has a real chandelier that “shines bright like a diamond”, also encrusted with gold.

Back to the video on Instagram, as you can imagine it attracted its fair share of comments, most of them ranging from sarcasm to disgust.

One user wrote, “What in the Cinderella Goes to Whoville.”

“It looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book,” another commented.

“I don’t understand the aesthetics of this car,” another user said.

It’s fair to say Cinderella’s carriage may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s certainly eye-catching.

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