Inside Shaquille O’Neal’s $27M “Dunkman” Private Jet: Concerned About Seat Sizes for the NBA Legend

A member of the jet set, SHAQUILLE O’Neal has just purchased his very own private plane.

The NBA great finally bought a Bombardier Challenger 650 for $27 million after years of renting private jets.

The plush cabin of the white private plane has wood paneling and cream leather seats.

Its range is four thоusand nautical miles, and it can carry twelve passengers.

Featuring Shaq’s Dunkman emblem on the tailplane adds a distinctive and personal touch to the plane.

After saying in an interview that he had no plans to buy a private aircraft in 2010, O’Neal has now altered his mind.

“I don’t believe so, actually. With Jetset magazine, he expressed his displeasure with the overwhelming amount of upkeep.

I prefer to be informed on the status of my possessions.

Avoiding a terrible purchаse is important to me. Other males have had it happen to them.

O’Neal, whose net worth is estimated at $400 million, stated at the time that he had no interest in buying a private jet to flaunt his money to his fellow sportsmen.

“Indeed, there are me𝚗 who do,” he stated.

I, however, do not engage in it. As a man, I belong to the people.

Some fans think the seats aboard O’Neal’s jet aren’t big enough for the seven-foot-one, approximately 340-pound basketball great.

You require a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with larger seats, Big Shaq. The plane is very little for you,” remarked one of the fans.

Not big enough for Shaq. “Yeah, we really need an Airbus A380,” someone else said.

Michael Jordan, a fellow NBA player, recently took his $61 million Gulfstream private plane to Spain.

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