Inked Elegance: The Unveiling of a Body Art Enthusiast’s Daring Lace Lingerie Look

Tattoo artist and social media influencer Aleksandra Jasmin has wowed her fans by showing off her hundreds of inkings on Instagram while stripping down to skimpy, lace lingerie

Aleksandra Jasmin

Tattooed beauty Aleksandra Jasmin has wowed her fans with her latest sexy snap.

The social media influencer, who is also a freehand tattoo artist, thrilled as she flaunted her hundreds of inkings in sheer, lace lingerie.

Alexandra took to Instagram to share the sizzling snap with her 165,000 followers.

She was seen showing off her body art as she slipped into a skimpy red bodysuit, which didn’t leave much to the imagination.

The mum-of-three was seen posing coyly in the underwear as she looked away from the camera.

She put one hand to her neck as she teamed her flesh-flashing display with a cheeky smile.

Tattooed social media influencer Aleksandra Jasmin poses in lace lingerie

The Finnish tattoo fan is covered in inkings, including a heart under her left eye and block, black inking on her left arms.

She also has an elaborate flower design covering her legs.

Fans were loving her latest snap, with it racking up more than 5,000 likes.

One gushed: “Your beauty makes me happy!”

While another labelled her “so fine”.

A third also complimented: “Red really pops on you babe.”

Aleksandra Jasmin

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