How My Superhero-Obsessed Son Transformed My Life with a £50k Marvel and DC Tattoo Makeover

Inspired by her tattooed friends at the age of 18, Juliane Förster has since spent £50,000 on body art, including covering her leg in Marvel and DC tattoos at the request of her superhero-obsessed three-year-old.

Then after having her son Constantin, now 15, her collection of tatts grew.

When her son was three-years-old, she decided to get his favourite superheroes Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America etched into her leg.

The 33-year-old, from Oberndorf, Germany, also chose colourful floral patterns and other characters to complete her look – including the Guy Fawkes mask from film V for Vendetta.

She’s got so many tatts she’s running out of room to ink – and her right butt cheek and face are all that’s been left as a blank canvas.

Juliane has lots of superhero characters tattooed on her left leg, including Iron Man, Captain America, The Joker and Deadpool

Juliane has lots of superhero characters tattooed on her left leg (Image: MDWFeatures / @_rosalie_official)

Juliane said: “I have always been fascinated by tattoos since every piece of art can be completely unique.

“I’ve had so many different tattoos that it is virtually impossible to count them, since they often overlap and interlink.

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“I have covered my entire body in tattoos, but still have one small free space on my right buttock, which will be covered at some point.

“When my son was three years old he wanted me to get his favourite comic book heroes tattooed on me.

“I love to watch the comic book movies with my son and can’t wait to introduce my youngest son, Connor (2) and stepson Tyler (5) to all the superheroes when they are older. You are simply never too old for them.”

Julianne hopes that her two year old son Connor will share her passion for superheroes as he gets older

Julianne hopes that her two year old son Connor will share her passion for superheroes as he gets older (Image: MDWFeatures / @_rosalie_official)

Juliane's tattoos include The Joker, Iron Man, Captain America and Superman

Juliane’s tattoos include The Joker, Iron Man, Captain America and Superman (Image: MDWFeatures / @_rosalie_official)

The mum continued: “With the amount I’ve spent, I could certainly have bought a nice car, but my tattoos are wonderful and mean so much to me.”

Juliane’s fans think her inkings have been well worth the money too.

She’s secured modelling jobs and boast more than 142,000 adoring fans on Instagram who inundate her with cheesy chat up lines.

The influencer said: “My fans love my tattoos and say that I’m ‘sexy’ and a ‘goddess,’ but I find it beautiful when women give me compliments and tell me that they admire me or even think I’m a good role model for them.”

But while the response to her inkings are overwhelmingly positive, she receives some negativity.

Juliane Förster (33) from Oberndorf, Germany

Juliane has plenty of male admirers who send her cheesy chat-up lines (Image: MDWFeatures / @_rosalie_official)

Juliane lives in a rural village in Germany, which has been challenging at times as locals aren’t used to seeing heavily-inked people.

She explained: “Where we live tattoos are not that widespread yet, so people often look a bit astonished when they see my body art but the world is changing and I hope that attitudes towards body art will continue to change too.”

The mum also has to put up with online haters who have called her body art “disgusting” and “ridiculous”.

She revealed: “Not everyone likes tattoos and some people have told me that they think my tattoos are ‘disgusting,’ which is a shame because I think they are wonderful but I can handle that. Not everyone has to find tattoos beautiful or admire them.

“Some people tell me that my tattoos are over the top, whilst others say I look really great, so I try not to pay too much attention to what people think.

“Regardless of what people think, my colourful tattoos certainly leave a lasting impression.”

Juliane is proud of her body art and refuses to let critics hold her back.

For her next tattoo, she wants to get a Transformers design on her bum to cover the last remaining part of blank skin.

She added: “Tattoos are wonderful and every single one of them is unique, no matter what people say.

“So it’s always best to not give a s**t about what anyone else thinks as it is your life and your body.

“I love tattoos and always find it fascinating to discover other great artists out there and see what amazing art they are creating.”

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