Comfort Town is called the Giant Lego Town In Ukraine


Inspired by the famous Lego toys, the residential complex of Comfort Town has taken the online community by storm with its unparalleled beauty.

Comfort Town is located in the outskirts of Kiev, Ukraine. This unique architectural project was officially completed and unveiled in 2019.

Comfort Town stands out among suburban residential areas in Kiev. Image: Getty Images Previously, this area was a dilapidated housing district with a dull and gloomy appearance dating back to the 1950s. After undergoing reconstruction, Comfort Town has come back to life with buildings covered in seven vibrant rainbow colors.

Despite being carried out on a tight budget, the designers behind the project made relentless efforts and dedicated 11 years to bring their brainchild to fruition.

Colorful buildings in Comfort Town. Image: Getty Images The initial purpose of this transformation was to attract people to relocate and live in the area, which is why the local authorities came up with the idea of a residential complex with unique artistic architecture.

Vasyliev, one of the main architects of the project, shared: “Due to the limited budget, we had to use the simplest materials and techniques. Instead, we thought of using colors as the main determinant of this change.”

After donning its new colorful appearance, Comfort Town has become a focal point, attracting residents from both within and outside the country. Inside the residential complex, there are also cafes, shops, and outdoor sports facilities to meet all daily needs.

According to reports from real estate businesses, in 2020, 200 apartments were sold each month in Comfort Town, making it the highest homeownership rate in Ukraine. Currently, there are over 20,000 residents living in Comfort Town, and this number shows no signs of stopping.

Although the “Lego Town” is unique, it is not the only place in the world with vibrant colors. Previously, Banwol Island in South Korea painted all its houses in purple, attracting a large number of visitors. Another village in Malaga, Spain, is enveloped in the color blue, inspired by the blockbuster animated film “The Smurfs.”

Comfort Town has truly transformed into a captivating and lively community, resembling a giant Lego town come to life. Its vibrant colors and imaginative design have captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike, making it a must-see destination in Ukraine.


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