Clever street artist paints images of women and girls with “natural hair” made from trees.

Our connection to the Earth also appears to be eroding as our environment rapidly adjusts to ever -evolving technology. People are ensnared in their hectic metropolitan lifestyles for no fault of their own; we have no choice but to take the required steps to accommodate their expectations. But if we stop to consider it, it’s terrible that we’re gradually losing connection with nature, the source of our own existence. We frequently take for granted the clean water we have access to, the fresh air we breathe, and the fascinating past of the area we call home.

Fortunately, some artists have made it their mission to raise awareness of nature’s immeasurable significance and beauty. One such person is Fábio Gomes Trindade, a street artist from Goiânia, Brazil. He skillfully blends city with nature to produce stunning images of women and girls of color. Their natural hair is represented in his paintings by the vibrantly blooming plants and the lush vegetation that covers the street walls. He draws on walls with tree branches perched over them to convey this idea. He leaves the natural elements of his art to do their work by painting only the face and a small portion of the hair.

Egypt Sarai, a young model, served as the inspiration for two of his most recent works. Fábio created two images of the girl: one with an afro formed of pink flowers, and the other with two poofs of hair on top of her head. Fábio’s superb technique allowed him to perfectly capture the girl’s delicate features. Brazil’s streets are covered in a variety of elaborate and vibrant murals that Fábio has painted. Fábio is becoming well-known in the field as a result of his exquisite work. He currently has over 84.3K followers on Instagram, where he frequently posts his most recent masterpieces. According to Fábio, the acerola tree he observed planted in the backyard of a modest house in the city two decades ago served as the inspiration for this particular series. His most well-known works currently include the aforementioned tree.

Unsurprisingly, his work has attracted the interest of many people all around the world, including well-known people like Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles and Hollywood actress Viola Davis. The “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” actress “liked” a piece of street art when she shared a photo of it on social media.

In response, Fábio created a breathtaking mural honoring the Oscar winner. He captioned a video of the painting, “Thanks [Viola Davis], I make this tribute in the form of thanks, because following your post my life changed for the better, and my work has been more appreciated.” Knowles expressed similar admiration for Fábio’s art, calling it “a great way to use a tree.” With a little innovation, city and nature can coexist peacefully, as demonstrated by Fábio’s stunning works. When you do, you’ll see there are countless opportunities.


On Instagram, you can follow Fábio Gomes Trindade.

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