1959 Cadillac ‘SpeedSter’ Is a 632CI V8 Canyon Carver, Not a Virtual Sled

Some would argue that, except for the evergreen and ever-popular Escalade, Cadillac has lost its direction in trying to join the crossover and SUV hype. Others might remind everyone the Blackwing V8s are still around. And a few could just laugh maniacally and imagine all sorts of crazy things – albeit only in CGI!

Although the times are hard for General Motors’ posh subsidiary that once ruled undefeated across North America, we must also remember that Cadillac is still swimming against the current. For example, we could think that Chevrolet has fewer sedan models on sale! While the mid-size Malibu, starting at just $25k, is their only representative in the traditional passenger car sector, Cadillac still offers the CT4 and CT5 series, plus the mega-expensive Celestiq.

But we are not here to discuss the EV future, as otherwise, we would simply say that the $58,590 Lyriq crossover EV is a much better affair. Instead, we are here to talk about how Cadillac has always created vehicles that can find a place in our hearts, minds, and dreams. Even today, they still have the CT4-V and CT5-V plus their Blackwing siblings on offer. And if you go into the company’s glorious past, you might even go nuts trying to select the perfect candidate for your dream ride.

We are unsure if that is the case for Abimelec Arellano, the virtual artist better known as abimelecdesign on social media. Still, he sure has prepared yet another of his wonderfully weirdo ideas – from Cadillac, this time around. And it’s bonkers, indeed, no matter which POV you choose to take. For starters, it’s a ‘pink’ Cadillac from 1959 – most likely, the base model was an Eldorado Biarritz Convertible rather than a Caddy Series 62, but feel free to correct us if you think we are wrong.

Secondly, this “weird idea” has been cooking in his mind for a very long time. As such, it had enough time to mature and roast itself into a “1959 Cadillac prepared for enthusiastic canyon carving.” Yep, you heard that right! So, instead of getting into a ’59 sled, as the license plate suggests, this old-school land yacht is getting lots and lots of Porsche 356 Speedster but also Outlaw or Carrera Panamericana vibes. And everything is wrapped around some contemporary facts and figures.

So, his pink rendering ‘masterpiece’ has been turned into a feisty two-seater, lowered closer to the ground, and after finishing the bout of laughter related to the pinky-purplish hue, you will also notice that some things are amiss. I would have said disturbingly, but in the end, everything comes out too lovely to feel sick and start running amok, crying an undying outrage at the sight of this CGI-modified Caddy. Instead, let us cherish the ‘little’ details, such as the minimalist windshield that was imagined from a single custom piece of curved glass held in place without a frame.

Then there are also the cut rear wheel wells that made way for the humongous modern tires, the ’69 Corvette steering wheel, the Recaro Ergomed seats – so that your back doesn’t hurt while driving spiritedly, or the cut and redesigned front bumper that’s supposed to lower the aerodynamic drag (!). Anyway, let us also remember that the first impression – which will be a LOL moment, for sure, given the unique pink spin given to the Porsche Ruby Stone red shade – will matter less after everyone finds out what’s hiding under the hood!

That would be a Chevrolet Performance ZZ632 Big Block crate engine with more than 1,000 horsepower on tap and ITBs (that’s independent throttle bodies). Oh, and the velocity stacks (also called intake trumpets) are a nice chrome touch! So, do we give this project our CGI hall pass, or does it feel too outrageous even to imagine it on a winding road with the 632ci roaring like a monster and the wind in the driver’s hair?!

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