1958 Divergent Chevrolet Apache With Triple-Turbo 6.7L Cummis Diesel-Rules SEMA 2022


In the midst of our SEMA 2022 coverage, where we’ve explored a wide range of projects, from budget-modded EVs to no-expense-spared restomodded muscle cars, there was one aspect missing: diesel. However, that changes now as we turn our attention to the remarkable 1958 Apache pickup truck, fondly known as the Divergent Chevy, which stands out as one of the most extraordinary builds at the Las Vegas event due to its unique combination of parts.

Surprisingly, this extraordinary creation is based on a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe chassis. Nevertheless, similar to the Hoonigan IndyTruck also showcased at SEMA 2022, the rear section has been replaced with a tubular chassis.

However, the similarities end there, and it’s worth mentioning that while the defining cab hails from a 1958 Chevy Apache, the bed is borrowed from a 1964 Chevy C10.

The truck, originally unveiled at the Las Vegas show a few years ago as the Divergent Chevy, has returned to SEMA 2022 with a new engine. Yes, it’s still a Cummins diesel, and yes, it retains the insane triple-turbo setup crafted by Mayhem Metal Works. However, the P-pump 24V has been replaced with a 6.7L engine featuring a CM849 ECM (Engine Control Module) and a standalone wire harness, among other upgrades.

The latest additions include an electric power steering pump and a strikingly vibrant livery, skillfully applied by Creative Wraps ID. According to the turbo builder, this setup is capable of producing at least 1,000 horsepower and 2,500 lb-ft of torque, showcasing the truck’s impressive power potential without fear of the emerging electric torque monsters like the Bisimoto Moby X.

The extensively revised Divergent Chevy for 2022 is the brainchild of Jeffrey McHaddad, a California-based fabricator who poured his heart and soul into the project. Alongside components from brands outside the GM realm, the new-for-2022 Aem Electronics CD-7 digital dash catches the eye with graphics reminiscent of Lamborghinis.

As expected, finding a widebody solution for such a unique build wasn’t a straightforward task. However, after some modifications, Clinched’s Ford Mustang overfenders appear to fit the truck perfectly. In terms of aerodynamics, a massive front splitter takes center stage, complemented by a sky-high rear wing, serving both visual and potentially aerodynamic purposes. It’s worth noting how people typically invest their money when customizing a 1958 Chevy Apache truck.

The truck features a blend of intricate work, such as custom front suspension, alongside some zip tie ingenuity, like the coolant lines running to the rear-mounted radiator. Surprisingly, this mix seems to match the project’s character perfectly.

The cabin retains its Spartan appearance, sporting a white finish and a roll cage to accommodate a single red Sparco bucket seat. Next to the lever for the automatic transmission (possibly the previous Allison gearbox), a hydraulic handbrake handle adds a touch of rebelliousness.

This audacious Chevy truck connects with the road through 20-inch Tis Wheels wrapped in Toyo R888 tires. The Divergent Chevy caused quite a commotion at SEMA 2022, even before it had a chance to move an inch.


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